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by Yvette Wilburn

Do you think Jesus deserved to die like a common crook?
Do you think He winced with every lash He took?
Could you have witnessed it, or would you have dared to look?

Did you know that He was beaten,
And not an ounce of mercy to Him was given?
On the cross, He called out to His Father seated up in Heaven.
Oh, His body was torn with lacerations
He was one big, bloody sore,
But the savages weren't satisfied with a few drops of His blood.
They hatefully wanted more!
But He loves us, teaches us, heals us
And shares wisdom beyond our beliefs.
Yet, they condemned and crucified Him
And returned His goodness with grief.
Then, as if that was not enough,
They made Him carry His own cross.
He trudged weak, weary, and beaten;
Up that hill to pay a mighty cost.
What did you imagine when you thought
About Jesus hanging on the cross?
How did you think He shed HIS BLOOD
That the bible declares He lost?
Did you think about the nails, or conclude
That they had to attach Him some way?
Did He utter the dying words that you thought He would say?
He endured all the punishments for not one evil deed or single crime.
Yet, He defied death until His appointed time.
The Blood/Wilburn-2
Then after all was said and done,
He hung His bleeding head and died.
To ensure that this was indeed the case,
They cruelly pierced Him in His side.
Out gushed HIS BLOOD and living water, too,
This is THE BLOOD that was shed for me and you.
Were you surprised when Jesus prayed
For the pardon of His killers' sins?
Were you relieved when our Father took Jesus in?
Jesus knew in the beginning how it would all end.
He knew who would betray Him and deny Him as a friend.
He knew that He would die for the undeserving world's sins.
He knew that He would rise again!
Yes, He knew that on the designated day three
THE BLOOD He shed on Calvary would surely set us free.
So, that's why THE BLOOD is so precious.
And we the Redeemed of the Lord, must stand tall
And boldly tell this world to never minimize
The price Jesus paid for us all.
Jesus' BLOOD covers us with awesome cleansing power
THE BLOOD heals and delivers us by the hour.
But now in Christ Jesus, we can lose our fear
Because by THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, we who once were far off
Have lovingly been brought near.

Copyright 2004

Turn It Over

By Yvette Wilburn

God, there are so many things on my mind.

So much to do and not enough time.

Iím pressed, strained and overtaxed.

Iím so wound up, itís hard to relax.

Iím scattered and cluttered; My life is a wreck.

Iím ready to have You work on this mess.

My food, clothes, books, and papers need care.

I realize that in order to prosper I want You there.

I need You in my life. I canít do it alone.

I canít muster the energy to get the job done.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what to do;

instead of turning everything over to You.

Iím fraught with addictions, restrictions, and snares,

Iím taking on much more than I can bear.

My heart is heavy and it seems that

the victory is not being won.

Itís as if I forgot about the

Sacrifice of your Son.

He gave His life so that I may be set free.

I, in turn, abuse my liberty.

I try to work everything out.

But I end up being filled with doubt.

Iím thanking You in advance

for what Youíre about to do..

Please help me to remember to

Turn everything over to You.

Copyright 2003

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